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Howard Hodgkin ‘In An Empty Room’ Press Release




6th April – 11th May 2013     In an Empty Room~hi

Sir Howard Hodgkin is an abstract painter and printmaker. Over the past 60 years he has developed a unique form of abstraction, which has established him at the forefront of the Bristish and International art scenes.  His paintings have regularly fetched millions at auction.

Hodgkin’s work has been the subject of exhibitions across the world including major shows at London’s Tate Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  Hodgkin represented Britain at the 1984 Venice Biennale and was the winner of the 1985 Turner Prize.  In 1992 he received a knighthood for his services to art.

UpDown Gallery’s exhibition will look at Hodgkin’s print making oeurve from the 1960s right through to his most recent works.  It is a rare treat – giving the opportunity to trace the evolution of ideas and techniques across one of the most accomplished printmaking careers.  Prices will range from £1,300 – £25,000.

‘Attack’,  of  2012,  is  one  of  the  latest  large  format  prints  included  in  the  show.  It  involves  no  less  than  4  different  print  techniques,  and  is  finished  with  hand  colouring.  The  tremendous  sense  of  depth  contrasts  strongly  with  his  flat  brightly  coloured  early  works  and  marks  the  distance  of  Hodgkin’s  evolution.

Throughout  his  career  Hodgkin  has  devoted  considerable  attention  to  printmaking.  His  practice  of  hand-??painting  his  prints  started  in  the  1970s  and  matches  the  heightened  physicality  that  emerged  in  his  paintings  of  the  same  time.  The  technique  led  to  a  greater  spontaneity  with  recognizable  shapes  presented  by  bright  colours  and  bold  forms.  At  the  time  his  work  was  seen  as  semi-abstract,  and  has  been  compared  with  the  paintings  of  Henri  Matisse.

“The exhibition title, while also the title of one of the works in the exhibition, is a little tongue in cheek.  After all, how could it be an empty room with a work by Howard Hodgkin in it!” – Kate Smith

Hodgkin studied painting at Camberwell Art School and Bath Academy of Art, in Corsham.  His early works were figurative and psychologically intense with emotionally charged figure groups and bright colours.  Through the 1960s, the work became more abstract, with strong geometric patterns taking an increasingly prominent role.  Based in memory, Hodgkin’s technique relies primarily upon colour and mark making to create works that recollect everyday events and situations.  Motifs have often reoccured across the decades

“His work has none of the drabness which is too frequently associated by modern artists with pretensions to intellect…this is painting to be enjoyed.” – Edward Lucie-Smith

The exhibition follows the resounding success of Bridget Riley at UpDown.  Contemporaries in the London art world, these artists have developed quite separate but highly influential practices that have changed the face of British Art and global abstraction.

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