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Martin Fidler ‘Changing Horizons’ – Press Release


Martin Fidler

Changing Horizons

FIDLER WEBSITE18th  May – 15th  June 2013

UpDown Gallery is privileged to exhibit the work of Martin Fidler.  The exhibition is an overview of work spanning five decades.

“Very classical is Fidler’s palette with a keen twist that pays homage to the likes of Cezanne but also offers a new palette that brings the work into the 21st  Century. No other artist has excited or challenged  me in the way  that Fidler’s work has” – Kate Smith

It is only when looking at Fidler’s oeuvre over  the years that you  can  see  the  connection and  continuity that has influenced  his work: whether it be through painting, poetry,  photography  or   drawing,  the  underlying impression  is of his amazing ability to look at the ‘everyday’ and  highlight the subtlest detail, otherwise unbeknownst to the viewer, that becomes a doorway into a Narnia of possibilities.

Fidler’s connection to the landscape and  his observations have  consistently produced work  on many  levels.  His use of charcoal, paint watercolour and  other mediums belay  a very conscious and deep relationship with the surrounding environment and nature.

Work that at once  seems a visual reference can be re-approached in a much more romantic way.  Fidler’s most renowned work is his series of tree paintings, but look again at the multi-layered imagery that at first represents its visual literacy and become enveloped and cocooned by an enticing world of colour.

“There seems to exist behind the frank expressions of portrait and scene an imprisoned spirit: yet this spirit is the source, the motive power which animates this art. These pictures are the vehicles of this spirit… If I were asked to describe this spirit I would say it is of the land; genius loci is indeed almost its conception… We today must find new symbols to express our reaction to the land” – Paul Nash, Unit One Manifesto, 1933

Martin Fidler ‘Changing Horizons’ will be on show at UpDown Gallery from 18th May until 15th June 2013 and will be accompanied by a full-colour, illustrated catalogue with text by independent arts journalist Ben Wiedel-Kaufmann.  Works exhibited will range in price from £500 to £7,000.  Running alongside the exhibition, Martin will be offering a programme of walks in and around the town of Ramsgate, encouraging participants to take a different view of their surroundings, inspiring a fresh perspective of our surroundings both natural and built.  The artist will be present at the private view and will be available for comment and interview prior  to and during the exhibition.

To view this press release as a PDF, please click here: UDGPR_MartinFidlerChangingHorizons

Martin Fidler 'Cunader' 1983 Acrylic on wood 130x30x22

Martin Fidler ‘The Cunarder’ 1997 Acrylic on wood 130x30x22 cm

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