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3rd – 31st MAY 2014

UpDown Gallery is pleased to announce its first exhibition of works by the artist Stephen Melton.  2009_Square_Image copy copy

Melton is a quiet and determined character whose work shouts from the treetops and highlights mans’ relationship with the natural world. His artworks at first attract you with beguiling beauty then hold you in their rapture and ask you to look further.

One thing that is undeniable of Melton’s work is his love, respect and admiration for the ecology of the planet. We all know about global warming, the hunt for new energy sources, the growing population dependant on medical advancement and further land for homes, but how often do we think about the habitats that we, as humans, effect in order to sustain and satisfy our demands? As consumers it is all too easy to conveniently ignore our impact in countries further afield that except huge monetary bribes to rape their natural environments; we are all too ready to be blinded by the end products that start their journeys thousands of miles away. However, it’s not only these distant oceans and ecosystems that are suffering, its occurring right under our noses – a relationship with nature that is unsustainable.

“Over the years many amazing people have spent their lives researching the natural world, more so today than ever before. Our understanding of the interconnected scenarios of nature and the repercussions of our actions has never been so well understood” – Stephen Melton

Melton’s show will feature a wide range of works that are visually stunning. You are presented with the sensation of being amongst a shoal of dogfish which are assuming an unnatural military formation, coming up close and personal with a museum of bees, gold shimmering exotic creatures held in time, seabirds hanging Christ like on crosses and life-sized, hand carved primates.  The opportunity to see in such detail, the natural beauty of these creatures is one that very few ever have.

“A truly unique experience, one that uplifts the senses’ – Kate Smith

“As an artists I have a platform from which I can communicate the dry data collected by world ecological organisations and bring it into peoples homes in a more connected way”   - Stephen Melton

Featured works that will be exhibited at UpDown Gallery include, ‘In Loving Memory’ which has been hand carved by Melton over more than 2000 hours. It stands 7ft tall, majestically resting on a carved ring and reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ c. 1490. ‘Requiem – (Not Just For Christmas)’ features over 70 exotic animals, each cast in solid bronze overlaid with gold leaf.  Each work has an instant physical pull which engages the viewer; Melton’s attention to detail highlights every square inch making it a feast for the eyes that anyone would find hard to ever tire of.

“Over 10 species were declared extinct in 2013….Melton encourages us to change our attitudes, be aware of what we buy, question its impact and for each and everyone of us to make small individual changes” – Kate Smith

To view this press release as a PDF please click here: Stephen Melton Press Release

Stephen Melton was recently interviewed by the Guardian – to read the article please click here



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