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Mr. Turner Gets All Steamed Up’ – Written and performed by Robert Poulter


UpDown Gallery is pleased to announce its 2nd Supper Event.

Taking place at UpDown Gallery on the 8th of May from 7.30pm. Ticket and booking essential.


‘Mr. Turner Gets Steamed Up’

A New Model Theatre Show, written & designed By Robert Poulter


With New Model Theatre, Robert Poulter has taken the traditional medium of toy theatre as a starting point and written and designed original productions which use movement, light and sound to create a new theatrical experience in miniature. Since 1980 his performances have taken place in many art galleries, museums and festivals, not only in the UK but also Germany, the USA, France and the Netherlands. Robert has also organised six major festivals of paper theatre, two juxtaposing live theatre with model theatre. He has also written, designed and directed three large open air spectacles and worked on numerous street theatre events. As a writer, illustrator and book designer, Mr. Poulter has a number of publications to his credit.



‘Mr. Turner Gets Steamed Up’, lasts 45minutes with a short half time interval.

Robert Poulter acts and performs the plays single handedly, as well as designing and writing all the material.



Some background:

JMW Turner was born in Covent Garden London in 1775 and died in Chelsea in 1851 and was one of the most revolutionary artists of the 19th Century. By turn grumpy, funny, generous and secretive.


Widely travelled, painting and drawing constantly, he also enjoyed experimenting with new techniques in oil and watercolour paintings that were to influence generations of artists to come.


Avante garde – but at the same time, an extremely successful and wealthy artist; much of his income was derived from books of topographical views f Britain and Europe.


Throughout his life he continued to paint in a variety of styles from landscape and seascapes to historical and mythological subjects, the latter often inspired by his reading of prose and poetry; a remarkable achievement as he did not have a privileged education. At the age of 27 he was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, where for many years he was Professor of Perspective; although many found his lectures there hard to follow, he did at least have superb visual aid- his own pictures!


His love of the sea, sky and shipping meant he spent many years in East Kent on the Isle of Thanet, where he met Mrs. Booth and lived with her there, and later in Chelsea, for over 20 years. He managed to keep this relationship secret from his friends and fellow Royal Academicians until the day he died. Even Hannah Danby, the housekeeper of his London house, gallery and studio knew nothing of this liaison that meant so much to Turner.


Although all facts have been kept as accurate as possible there has been some artistic licence taken so as to keep the flow of the story.

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