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Kate Linforth uses materials that are subjected to heat, gravity and chance and have a slightly unpredictable quality to them. She loosely holds an idea in her head and through constant experimentation and exploratory techniques, surprising aspects emerge in the work. This evolutionary characteristic in her studio practice echoes elements of the natural world. Organic forms created with repetitive, intuitive actions mimic the forms found in nature.

The imagery that is produced from the study of cells and the work of microbiologists hold an aesthetic fascination. The discovery of these microscopic unseen cells that hold a powerful energy together with the landscape of an evolving world are a source of constant inspiration. The idea that unseen spores can travel airborne for thousands of miles and a network of fungal threads can spread across a continent seem to be a fitting metaphor for human existence. These constant searches for life sustaining habitats coupled with medical research which endeavors to support life are fertile grounds for artistic exploration.

Kate Linforth

No work available. Check back soon.