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A former student of the Royal Academy Schools, Martin Grover lives and works in South London. An accomplished painter and printmaker Grover’s art combines a fastidious care and attention for everyday reality with a quirky humour and healthy dose of surrealist imagination.

His subjects can range from scenes of his musical heroes (including Hank Williams, Tyrone Davies and The Carter Family) navigating the streets or parks of South London with loaded shopping bags to displaced cows wandering across motorway lay-byes; from the melancholic urban wanders of a solitary ‘Cozy Coupé’ car to sensitive portraits of the ‘Last General Grocer in West Norwood’. Throughout Grover’s strong compositional sense and consummate skill as a draughtsman extract compelling mystery and atmosphere from the fabric of everyday reality.

Focussing, as he often does on quirky and uncanny disjunctions it is difficult to place Grover’s work with certainty. Just as one senses the influence of the great American realist Edward Hopper one is reminded of the gentle disquiet of a Magritte painting or the carnivalesque vision of Paula Rego or Max Beckmann. This fusion of influence and impact instils the works with an alluring and compelling presence.