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Sir Peter Blake was born in Kent in 1931, the ‘Godfather of British Pop’, Sir Peter Blake shot to fame in 1960s London but has forged a career that crosses generational divides. A hero to and supporter of the YBAs (Young British Artists) who emerged in the 1990s and included Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas, Blake remains a tremendously active force in British Art to this day.

Blake graduated from the Royal College of Art in the late 1950s and by 1961 found himself at the forefront of a generation of young artists including David Hockney, Richard Hamilton, R.B. Kitaj and Patrick Caulfield, and the centre of the international movement known as Pop Art. Like that of many of his contemporaries, Blake’s work mines Popular culture, bridging a gap between high art and wider cultural reference. In Blake’s case this grows from a life-long fascination and engagement with diverse figures and folk tales; from Elvis to Tiny Tim; Wrestlers and Circus freaks to Robin Hood and Superman.

For over fifty years Blake has mobilised his collection of characters to produce original and touching work that continues to define British visual culture. A prolific printmaker, painter and collagist, Blake’s charming and accessible work has always striven for a democracy of cultural experience. Famed for his 1967 cover of The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, Blake has produced record covers for numerous artists including Eric Clapton, The Who, Paul Weller and Oasis. In 1998 he received a knighthood for his services to art.