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Piers Secunda lives and works in London. He was born in 1976 and studied Painting at Chelsea College of Art. His work has been exhibited in galleries and public spaces across the world and is included in a number of important collections.

For the past fifteen years Secunda has developed an innovative practice, which takes as its starting point the materiality of paint. Dispensing with the canvas and supports of any kind, Secunda has experimented with moulding and sculpting paint into a variety of objects that traverse the line between painting and sculpture. In so doing his work continues a modernist preoccupation with materials which stretches back to Braque and Picasso’s revolutionary use of collage and runs through mid- 20th century matiérists like Bram Bogart and Antonio Tapiés.

From the outset the results have been challenging, thought provoking and often profoundly beautiful. In recent years, however, Secunda has begun to tune his work further, fusing his evolving mastery of materials with an increasingly socio-political content. His Shot works, for example, have seen him travel to Afghanistan and Jamaica to make casts of walls permeated by bullet holes. His Crude Oil series has seen him using historic batches of crude oil to form images that examine the history of man’s relationship to the pervasive resource. By continuing to balance formal and theoretical concerns Secunda makes work that is both physically resolved and conceptually resonant. It is a powerful combination.